10 Ways To Improve Your Fitness Daily

Part 2:

Exercise doesn't always have to be an organised, high intensity workout; you can make little changes that will noticeably improve your fitness.

Here is my final five tips for improving your fitness daily:

6. Do 5 press ups in the morning

Press ups are one of those exercises people always groan at during sessions. However doing just 5 in the morning or whenever suits you is a sure fire way to increase your strength and the amount of press ups you can do. Soon your 5 will become 10 then 20 then 50. Make sure that your back is straight and your backside isn't pushed up to the ceiling or your hips have sunk to the floor.

7. Help people out

Offer to carry someone's shopping bags to their car for them; now don't just go stealing other people's shopping but if you see someone struggling offer a helping hand. Walk your neighbour's post to the post box for them, wash your Dad's car by hand or offer to walk your friend's dog for them on those days they're busy. Extra activity and brownie points for you.

8. Stand up when you can

When there is an option always choose to stand. On trains, at work with standing desks or whilst you wait for your lunch order. Be mindful of your posture though, stand tall, keep your shoulders down and don't stick your backside out or thrust your hips forwards locking out at the knees.

9. Take a walk when frustrated or stressed.

Are you a stress eater? Or one who loses their appetite when stressed? Either way, take a walk. Avoid stress eating by getting out of the house or office and allow yourself to calm down, release some endorphins and think through the problem. Equally taking a break and walking may increase your appetite if stress is making you skip meals.

10. Keep small weights in the living room where you can see them.

I don't know about you but the minute I bring new equipment into the living room my family can't resist a little play. Leave your 2kg dumbbells around and pick them up when waiting for the kettle to boil or during the adverts. Try some lateral raises, front raises or bicep curls. Get a balance board, watch TV and try not to wobble.

So those are my tips for improving your fitness with little changes to your routine. I hope they help and inspire a healthier you; not all changes need to be investing in a gym membership.

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