New year, healthier you.

New Year resolutions to get fit? Become healthier? Make it happen this year. 2020 will be the year you stick to those promises. I am here to guide you to your goals so you don't give up by February.

Most of us need a little push to run that bit further or do one more press up; its human nature. Start by doing an extra 30 secs on the end of you average run, 3 extra press ups before you go to bed, try 30secs plank whilst watching TV and take the stairs wherever you can - come on now do you really need to take the lift to the 1st floor?

If working out with someone else motivates you more, check out our private group sessions and workout with your friends, use each other for motivation or collectively glare at me your instructor when I say "one more" or "only 30 seconds left!"

Happy New Year!


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