Staying Sane in a Crazy World

Staying at home, isolating from the world and keeping others safe that's what we're told to do and for good reason. But how do we do it without falling to pieces, snapping at those we live with and avoid falling into a mundane, timeless state?

We stay POSITIVE. We stay HEALTHY. We stay ACTIVE. We stay KIND.


My main tool, that can be used daily, is goal setting. Personally I struggle with routine but writing down what I want to achieve each day means I get done what I want to with time to relax in a guiltless way. My advice for everyone is to set multiple goals and to not lose sight of them; set a physical goal to help stay active, a creative goal to stay happy, a learning goal to help keep your brain busy and a mental wellbeing goal to counter anxieties that may arise with all the uncertainty around us.

My Physical Goal:

To get into the standing splits.

This a great goal for me not only to improve my kickboxing and flexibility but I can easily see improvement and it can be achieved in steps.

Next step is to let go of the cupboard and hold it!

Your goals might include: 50 press ups/sit ups/burpees in 2 mins,

a 2min plank.

a full dance routine.

a 10 mile (solo) run.

My Creative Goal:

Is to take more/better quality photos just using my phone. This is something I enjoy doing but often forget to take pictures or get carried away doing other things; this time of isolation is a great opportunity to get out in the lovely weather and take more photos. I find it calming as well.

And Treacle loves the attention!

Yours might involve a sewing project, painting, drawing or something musical!

My Learning Goal:

Is to read To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee; I read this book in high school as it was my GCSE piece and have wanted to read it again as an adult for years and never got round to it.

For me this goal centres around reading. I love to read but often find it difficult to sit still long enough even with an amazing book. So setting it as a goal, I am going to read everyday!

Your goals can be to learn a new skill or improve one you already have, learn a new language or how to juggle!

My Mental Wellbeing Goal:

Is to meditate daily using Headspace app.

I have previously tried to meditate daily but soon get out of the habit after only a few days so this is going to be a challenge; one I gladly accept. Having started 3 days ago I feel calmer and more able to face the day keeping anxious thoughts at bay. Headspace offers great guided meditation courses and allows you to choose the duration of each session, so start off with 5-10mins see how it goes.

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So those are my goals, what are yours? Set as many as you like and stick with it. A sense of achievement will combat any feelings of uselessness for those who are out of work and working towards them will alleviate boredom.

Get the kids involved too, goal setting is something they can utilise throughout their lives and remember that no goal is too high. Want to aim for 1000 press ups, do it! What's the worst that could happen? You fall short at 800 and that is an AWESOME achievement.

Share your goals with someone else and then push each other to achieve them. A quick text "I'm doing my stretches have you done your sit ups yet?" to your friends and they'll thank you when they have abs of steel!

Stay happy, healthy and positive in these uncertain times and try to enjoy your time at home. Remind yourself of the positive side of things, enjoy the sunshine while it lasts here in England and if you feel yourself dipping down into anxious/depressive thoughts take some time out and do something you enjoy.

Always here to help!


Send an email to with your goals and be sure to receive a friendly reminder.

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