YouFit Wall

The YouFit wall represents how fitness is defined for different people. 

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"JakeFit means enjoying being able to have fun doing cool physical activities. Being strong, agile, fast and flexible makes those activities loads more fun.”
Jake Hughes - Black belt kickboxer, runner, MMA fighter.
“Being TafFit doesn’t just mean looking good but its being happy and healthy on the inside”
Tafline Boon-Itt - Gym goer, boxer.

“DanniFit is to be healthy and able to endure daily physical strain I put on my body. I like to challenge myself and work hard, improve and see results. It helps me mentally and physically, reduces stress, gives me more energy and makes me happy." 

Danni Lightfoot - Lacrosse player, spin enthusiast, hiker. 

Healthy You

“ChloeFit is being strong both physically and mentally. It means taking on new challenges and learning that I can push myself to achieve things I never thought were possible and have fun whilst doing it!” 

Chloe Lloyd - Runner, gym goer, hiker. 

“SamFit is being pushed physically in the gym and having fun at the same time.”
Samantha Karner - Lacrosse player, gym goer


Happy Mind

HannahFit means feeling strong in day to day activities and knowing I'll catch the bus I'm running for! It also helps my mental health and gives me positive goals for the future. 
Hannah Charlton - Lacrosse player and coach.